Tire Dollies

Lift Classification:
High Rise Tire Dolly

Lifting Capacity:
1,000 – 2,000 lbs

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Mohawk Lifts Introduces the TD-1000 High Rise Tire Dolly

Mohawk Lifts Introduces the TD-1000 High Rise Tire Dolly

Mohawk lifts introduces high-rise tire dolly. The TD-1000 tire dolly is a 1,000 lb. capacity tire dolly, able to raise full sized dually tires a full 48” for tire removal&installation with all heavy duty truck tires in conjunction with any truck lift.

The winch operated design incorporates a side-shifting ability of the lifting rollers allowing easier alignments of the tire to the bolt pattern, rollers on the lifting forks to rotate the tire to the bolt pattern and hydraulically tilting forks to assist in lug nut realignment.

Built to pald safety standards, the TD-1000 wheel dolly includes a safety chain when moving the dolly, four position swivel casters & easy grab hand grips

For additional information visit www.mohawklifts.com or call 1-800-833-2006, or fax us at 518-842-1289. Write us at PO Box 110, Amsterdam, New York 12010.

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